Litigation Support

Since 1992, SEI has assisted attorneys representing clients involved in litigation related to security issues as security consultants/security expert witnesses for both plaintiff and defense with expert qualification to testify on security issues in local, state and federal courts across the U.S.


The personal attention that our clients receive from SEI’s principals fosters an open working relationship to better prepare effective strategies from the generation of discovery requests and deposition questions to position our clients for a successful outcome. Prior to being named as a security expert witness for premises liability, contract security or other security issues, the professional relationship established allows our clients to avoid the potential likelihood of lost opportunities, wasted expenditures, and costly oversights resulting when faced with eleventh hour deadlines.

Relying on over seventy years of collective security experience of SEI’s principals, we are able to identify those critical pieces of discovery, unique to the security industry or security practices, which are often overlooked or misunderstood. Once it has been identified that the transition from security litigation consultant to security expert witness is appropriate, SEI’s principals will formulate opinions and written reports, when required, that are supported by fact based security industry standards, guidelines, and best practices. Areas of expertise include:


Premises Liability

  • Residential:  Apartment complexes, student housing, condominiums, gated communities, high rise buildings.
  • Commercial:  Office buildings, warehouses, car dealerships, multi-use high rises.
  • Hospitality:  Hotels, motels, resorts.
  • Entertainment:  Bars, nightclubs, arenas, stadiums, adult men’s clubs, movie theaters.
  • Medical Facilities:  Hospitals, clinics, physician’s plazas, outpatient centers, medical offices.
  • Parking Lots:  Covered, open, controlled, gated, multi-level.
  • Restaurants:  Fast food, franchised, independents.
  • Retail:  Shopping malls, shopping centers, strip malls, stand alone locations, convenience stores, gas stations, truck stops, video stores.

Inadequate Security & Negligent Security 

▪Foreseeability                                   ▪Supervision
▪Employee Training                            ▪Standard of Care
▪Guard Force Management                ▪Lighting
▪Hiring Practices                                 ▪Barriers
▪Screening Practices                          ▪Countermeasures
▪Retention Practices                           ▪Policy, Practices & Procedures

Security Guard Actions – Proprietary, Contract & Hybrid

  • Negligent Hiring, Negligent Screening, Negligent Training,Negligent Assignment, and Negligent Supervision
  • Security Guard Misconduct/Negligence, False Arrest, Illegal Detention, and Use of Force
  • Security Department, Location, and Post Policy, Practices and Procedure
  • Security Provider Contract Review





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