Security Consultants and Litigation Support

Security Consultants and Litigation Support
Mission Statement

To provide fact based security and litigation consulting services based on a solid foundation of education, experience, training, and professional resources. Offering significant advantage to our clients in the areas of litigation avoidance, expert witness participation, premises liability, inadequate security and negligent security, and security guard force management through superior security consulting efforts.



Sulzer Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) was originally founded in 1992 and has been successfully providing security litigation support and security expert witness services to a broad spectrum of clients in both the private and public sectors regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Since its inception, SEI has provided professional security services to clients supporting industries such as: Hospitality, Health Care, Avionics, Fast Food, Convenience Stores, Shopping Malls, Logistics, Electronics, Manufacturing, Retail, and not-for-profits such as Houses of Worship, Museums and Welfare Agencies for circumstances concerning asset protection, guard force management, premises liability, foreseeability, inadequate and negligent security.

To further support SEI’s security consulting services, we offer need based, industry specific training to enhance existing safety and security programs.

Security Litigation Support

Our approach to security litigation support begins ideally at the earliest level of case development prior to naming an expert witness. SEI’s experience has been that the earlier a security litigation consultant is included in case development, the higher the probability of a successful outcome. This approach not only better prepares counsel to support their client with security industry specific knowledge, it lessens the likelihood of lost opportunities, wasted expenditures, and costly oversights resulting from “eleventh hour” deadlines, which could have been avoided through the timely use of a security litigation consultant evolving into a security expert witness, where necessary.

Security Consulting

Why hire a professional Security Consultant? A Security Consultant views your organization through an unbiased and objective perspective thereby eliminating internal politics and reporting relationships. In addition, the professional Security Consultant has an arms-length ability to interact at all levels of an organization to effectively identify risks and vulnerabilities and propose countermeasures, identified through state-of-the-art security surveys and risk and vulnerability assessments, unaffected by conflicting objectives.  

To meet our client’s needs, SEI employs established security industry guidelines and the most current security industry best practices and standards.


Training at SEI is a two-pronged segment of our security consulting business. Not only does it support our security consulting to further allow the integration of proposed security recommendations with company personnel, it also can be an independent service to support existing security programs. SEI’s security training programs can be customized to train an individual security director, security manager, security supervisor, or security officer, a security department, or departments who require security awareness training and security interaction, an organization, or “train the trainer” – conducted offsite or at your location. Pricing is based on topic presented not number of attendees.


As a result of SEI’s security experience and reputation, SEI has developed a network of qualified and experienced professional Security Consultants and security litigation support experts, in both the public and private sectors, on a regional, national, and international level. This enables SEI to provide a consistent quality of security services to our clients regardless of your needs.



Security Consultants and Litigation Support
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